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What's in the box? Pegasus Hobbies LCVP, 1/72

Tonight we have come to the Pegasus LCVP in 1/72. It must be intended as an easy build for war gamers as there are not many pieces in the box. In total there are 13 pieces plus a vacu formed water base adding a sense of drama. A bonus are the 15 soldiers and three crew all cast in soft green plastic.The funny thing is if compared to the Airfix/Heller kit this one do have its good sides so one should not give up on it too fast. Although it would take any builder about less than five minutes to build it, not taking care of the finish or painting, it is actually a really nice rendering of the Higgins boat. The only real short comings are the propeller and bow ramp hinges. The cast is a bit heavy and rough on the hull sides but is easily taken care of. All in all this is a basic but quite correct kit. BUT if you want to go an extra mile for this one it would include ramp raising mechanism, new machine guns, new propeller, struts for the coaming, towing eyelets and ramp hinges. There are no decals included, nor painting instructions. I painted mine using Vallejo Intermediate Blue as a base and faded it a bit here and there. For decoration I used an extra set of Airfix decals I had in my archive.

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