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Valentine DD from Mini Art?

We all know what DD means, don't we? Duplex Drive was a system created during WW2 using a screen and propellers in order to make a tank float and propel itself beach wards from a landing craft off shore. The most famous application was the Sherman DD tank, used during the Normandy landings. A few other tanks got the DD treatment including the British Valentine tank.

As Mini Art is releasing Valentine model kits by the dozen one could expect a DD sometime. According to the Wikipedia article the Valentine DD was used as a training tank. The marks converted into DD configuration included  Mks V, IX and XI. As Mini Art has released Mk V and have Mks IX and XI in the pipeline there is no excuse not to build one anymore. If Mini Art will release a proper Vally DD I do not know but let's have our fingers crossed!

Whatch this Valentine DD drive off the flat bed trailer for the War & Peace show in 2011.

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  1. Will absolutely get one of those Valentines one day. If it wil be an amphibious DD or other version I do not know yet. How about you, like what you see on the vid?