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A Photo: GMC in North Africa 1942 (edited)

As I'm putting all together for my Operation Torch LCM 3, I thought an original photo of a GMC truck could be nice to see. The photo is showing some american soldiers of the 82 Airborne preparing for a jump in North Africa, late 1942. The only visible structural difference from my Academy truck is the omission of an engine vent tube on the right hand side. Source: United States Army via WW2 Database.

Ed. Found this photo on the cover of US Special Forces of WW 2, published by Arms and armour press. The caption says photo is of paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne preparing themselves to jump at Salerno in September 1943. Our friend Google found some answer for us and it seems like this latter caption is right. 82nd did jump on Salerno from bases on Sicily, and Steven Zaloga's Osprey Vanguard No 39 says the yellow circle marking was common on Sicily. Or does some of you have any other explanation...? But it is easy to see why someone would believe that the photo was taken in North Africa as the yellow circle was also added to the insignia on American aircrafts during the Torch landings in 1942.

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