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Helsinki; Model Expo 2012, pt 1

Together with some friends from my modelling club IPMS Stockholm I took the opportunity to visit Helsinki in Finland for a couple of days. Main reason was to participate in the Model Expo model competition arranged by IPMS Finland. As a show it is of medium in size but it is just a small part in a huge play/children/handicraft/hobby fair. Rather centrally situated in Helsinki it attracts thousands of people. Above is the Littorial Combat Ship LCS-2 competing in the general ship class. I brought eight models and ran them in six classes. The only amphibious models made by me were the two below.

Here are my two contributions in previously mentioned class: Italeri's LCVP in 1/35 and Trumpeter's LCM 3 in 1/144.

A dozen of judges did their job for a few hours. Myself judged three vehicle classes.

A great little dio of a LVT-4 splashing about. The water must have been of silicone or so.

A Schwimmwagen in 1/35, a popular model.

Hmm, maybe not considered a amphibious warfare craft but if you think about it a kayak is actually very much a tool for a man with a mission. Designed for hunting in a very hostile environment, guns and harpoons are carried and a stealthy tecnique is required. This one was a beauty and I wish I had done it.

This Schwimmwagen was a small part of a rather grand diorama containing quite a number of figures, a huge railway gun , rocks and vehicles.

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