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On the bench; LCM 3, Operation Torch 1942, part 4

I had set my mind on doing a red LCM code on the bow, just like the one in the head of this blog. The individual LCM in the photo is by the way same as Revell has included in its boxing of Italeri's LCM in 1/35. However, I changed my mind for two reasons: I will do another British LCM in the future with a red code and the one I finally choose is rather unusual. So, I did a bit of measuring on a photo copy and drew a small sketch in actual size on a piece of paper.

This sketch was pondered upon and decided to be of proper dimensions. A few pencil lines were drawn on the model.

A very fine brush, a bottle of Vallejo Model Air Black and some time later I had my code on the model.

This was repeated on the starboard side as well. Same size, same dimensions. There is a bit of retouching to do before totally done.

I have no idea if this code was placed on the stern or any other place but no other LCM from the Torch landings seems (as far as I can conclude from photos I have seen) to have had a code on any other place than on the sides.

Now, on to the fun part: weathering!

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