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Helsinki; Model Expo 2012, pt 2

So how did it go? Well, my large scale LCVP ended up on 2:nd place. Besides that I got two 1:st, another 2:nd and a 3:d place. All in all I'm very happy, I might come back next year.

When going to a show one has to shop a bit. A set of Lifecolor's US Navy dedicated colours. There is a second set for late WW2 colours. A flask of Lifecolor's thinner to go with the set.

Found and bought four Osprey books for a decent price. Viking long ship? Yep, you just wait and see.

A Finnish modelling magazine had a nice rewiev of Italeri's LVT-2. Will have a friend translate the text. Squadron/Signal's book on Tank warfare on Iwo Jima happened to slip into my bag...

At last I have AFV Club's LVT-4 in my possession! OD and shark mouth or three-tone camou? We'll see how I'll finish it.

Now, this is weird if something: In the Finnish paper Hufvudstadsbladet there was a full spread of amphibious cars on the day we arrived in Helsinki. An extra god thing is that the paper is in Swedish, the second official language in Finland.

As you can see there was a veritable gold cup rain over the models. So, if you now feel like go there,just do it!

You can se more models here and a bit of the fair here

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