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A book; Armoured Crusader

Armoured Crusader; Kenneth Macksey, Grub Street

A biography? Yup. Any machines? Yes, a bit. If you ever heard of Hobarts Funnies and hoped for it to be a travelling burlesque show or so may have your dreams shattered. This is the biography on the man who created and commanded the armoured division breaking through walls and bunkers using Churchill AVREs, bobbing ashore in Sherman DDs, chain-wipping the beaches in order to clear them from mines etc. Major General Sir Percy Hobart took charge and developed the machines that the allied forces used to breach the Atlantic wall and made it possible to push on, cross the Rhine and ultimately crush Nazi Germany. As this is a biography the dedicated amph head might get a bit disappointed as there are not enough photos or stories on the specific machines we all like. Still, Hobart was a very important individual during the WW2 and this is the story about his experiences and visions. This guy was bloody important for the final victory, I'd say.


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