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What's in the Box? Schwimmwagen Bandai, 1/48

This is in a scale that was a bit forgotten in general till Tamiya started a new trend producing armour and soft skin vehicles for the masses a few years ago. Bandai's now old kit is rather heavy and thickly cast in dark grey plastic. All in all you have 50 parts to assembly before done. A prominent gap will be visible on the inside of the mud guards after assembly I can tell after dry fitting the parts. The delicate front bumper is molded to the upper body part so be careful when handling it. German eagle holding a swastika on box top is showing this kit's age. Call in the archaeologists!

Separate seats in front and parted seats in the back. Wheel hubs are very finely detailed.

On photo above you may spot the very simple folding top, it is almost like a toy version of the real thing. Maybe a good reason to use the raised one instead? On the left you can see the engine and hood, great if you want to super detail och make a diorama more interesting.

Three small men in green plastic, 11 parts.

A wide assortment of markings for this one. Wind shield includes a wiper.

I think this little car can be just fine if one is a bit careful when building it. A general advice is to thin all edges to make it a bit more delicate looking. However, a Tamiya it is not but it have its points.

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