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On the bench; LCM 3, Operation Torch 1942, part 3

This LCM project is taking so much longer time than anticipated. Just can't find the time so finish it but slowly I'm getting there no matter what. Since last time I have painted the decks dark grey. Gave up the idea to air brush it as there are too many small ribs and things sticking out everywhere and it is a tough job to mask it all. So, what do you do? You go old school and pick up the small paint brushes and spend an hour doing it like all painting used to be done way back. Mask the bottom hull and front ramp I did however and this time it was air brush time!

After a bit of Vallejo black grey and true black I ripped the masking off and this is the result. Here you can also see the wheel house padding painted a bit. Next job will be to mask and paint the bow markings. Starting to see a finish line way over there...

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