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A Magazine; Military in Scale, November 2010

The US Marine Shermans just keep on coming, like the Alvis Stalwart did before! This is an amazing build including a number of different kits and scratch built details. I had never heard about Iron Division (sorry!) who have made the upper hull for this conversion but googled it and found a number of Sherman products via Toadman's site.


What's in the Box; M4A2 Sherman, Academy, 1/35

As I have had a bit of luck regarding M4A2 articles in magazines and on the internet  I think it is due time to present the plastic as well. Sprue A, wheels and bogies, are actually duplicated in the box. I have no idea about measurements and such but it looks like a Sherman I think. Quality is good as Academy gets but not as sharp as a recent kit from Tamiya or other comparable kit maker. However, I think it will be a pretty fast build as the kit does not seem to be over engineered. For those of you who like your details being a bit more well defined there is a bit to do.