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On the bench; LCM 3, Operation Torch 1942, part 1

Since mid December 2011 I have been working on an LCM 3 project. It is Trumpeter's little boat in 1/72 that's getting some extra attention. It will be loaded with an early GMC 2 ½ truck in its hold. I saw a photo in a book showing a truck being off loaded from an LCM 3 during Operation Torch in North Africa and felt this was something for me to make a model of.

The truck from Academy got a bit of extra details added as per the photo; some tube on the side coming out of the hood, a fire extinguisher and some copper wire to add some sense of detail on the winch.

A bit of extra work has to be done to make it into a Royal Navy LCM. Anti-splinter padding on the wheel-house, an anchor windlass, special ramp wire holders sticking up like horns on a rein deer.

The skegs got some extra attention. Supporting struts were glued to each side as you can see here. As far as I know the propellers should have only three blades each, not four as in the Trumpeter kit. Do I care? Nah.

And the wire holders in the front. 

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