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A book; The World Encyclopedia of Amphibious Warfare Vessels

The Wold Encyclopedia of Amphibious Warfare Vessels; by Bernard Ireland, Lorenz Books

I have been searching high and low for quite some time  for an encyclopedia containing and comparing most, if not all, amphibious vessels. Now, i got it! The first 90 pages are texts on amphibious landings of different kinds and tactics, planning, logistics etc. The following 150 pages are dedicated to ships, various landing crafts and air cushion vehicles. Almost every type is getting one or two pages each for history, use and development. If you thought LCMs and LSTs were the only vessels for amphibious operations, please rethink! The book concentrate on the large countries capabilities but misses out totally on smaller crafts from smaller countries like the Swedish CB 90, now in use in half a dozen countries. The US Navy and Royal Marines have or are planning for including this nimble little boat in their inventories.  A Norwegian CB 90 is on one of the opening pages in this book so it's only half an omission! Read more about Combat Boat 90 here.

Much recommended.

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