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A bunch of things since last time

Yes, it´s been a while now since last time. Not much time to spare and a final push to have something to show at the Modellexpo 08 Open in Stockholm last weekend took all my effort. I searched the tables for some amphibious related models but the only one was my LCVP from Pegasus. What a shame! This has to be changed from now on, I have to get on with my mission of letting the world be aware of all things amphibious. If you're curious about the model show you'll find the class winners here.

Now, what did I find on the show then. Well, there was a couple of books on Dunkirk, a sure must have as an amphibious freak.

DUNKIRK, The Great Escape by AJ Barker...

...and the comic novel Dunkerque by Pierre Dupios. The first is in English and the second is in Swedish. I'll get back to theese two a bit later.

Three of Osprey's books on amphibious matters found their way into my shopping bag; The Rhine crossings 1945, Anzio 1944 and US WW2 Amphibious tactics. Great reading this spring.

And last but not least, a T-37A from Ukrainian firm Fort /LF Models. This is a model kit I've never heard of before and a pleasant surprise. 

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