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A Magazine; Airfix Magazine September 1975

Let's stick with old Airfix Magazines for a while. In the September 1975 issue there is a short but excellent article on the Operation Sealion, the invasion plan to conquer the British isles in 1940. The invasion was supposed to take place right after the fall of France but this was never realized. A stubborn opposition (mainly the from the Royal air Force), lack of proper equipment (no proper landing crafts), other invasion plans etc made the Germans give up and look for next piece of property to rape and loot, the Soviet union. The plan was put in the Big Archive for once and ever. The article in Airfix Magazine explains the planning (or rather lack of it...) before the invasion was to commence and the planned invasion areas around the southern coast of England.

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  1. Good old Airfix! The old magazines were full of all sorts of things. Get a bunch, you never know if they might come handy one day.