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What's in the box? Italeri Schwimmwagen, 1/35

Italeri's Schwimmwagen is not of the most recent date, I remember it being built by a much younger self a quarter of a century ago or so. It is not only the molds that are being recycled but also the box art, showing an odd assembly of people having a chat in the mud.

The kit is molded in light grey and you get 74pieces of plastic in all. Of these a good 19 are for the three figures. The lower part of the vehicle is split vertically, a very unusual way of construction for a Schwimmwagen kit. The cast is rather nice and not so bad as one might believe for such an old kit. Twin seats in front and a sofa in the back. Another unusual detail is the inclusion of a raised canvas roof as an option. Propeller and semi circular guard is in one piece. This piece is not too bad although it is a bit chunky, a bit of sanding and scraping might cure this. Open up the ventilation in the rear and replace the net and you will get a fairly decent model for an acceptable price.

A bit stocky and heavily cast but one might find the female interesting as she's quite unusual as a figure.

Decals are a bit bright but a coat of mud may change this.

Half a dozen steps will take you through the build. You get three different colours to choose from; grey, grey and grey.

Cutemobile. The backside illustrations really brings out the non aggressive but practical profile of this little car. Did I mention grey?

This is a simple kit but do not let yourself be fooled by this. Good building and painting ability will bring out its best. Add a bit of home made detailing and extras and you have a winner.

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