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What's in the box? LVTP-7 Academy, 1/35

Academy used the Tamiya LVTP-7A1 as a base for this one. It is not a rotten copy but a sharply defined LVTP-7 model with a few details differing from the original model. Academy backdated the model and the difference are round openings for the front lights, only one support strut on each side for the top hatches and lowered commander cupola, as far as I can tell. This model should be a possible kit for making an Argentine vehicle from the Falkland conflict of 1982.

The decals are for two vehicles although it is a bit hard to sort out at first when looking at the instructions. The obvious one is the Republic of Korea in a multi coloured camouflage and a multitude of bright markings including a shark mouth of some sort, as per the box top. A bit hidden in the painting instruction is an alternative set of markings for a US Marine Corps machine, just a small vehicle number and a cartoon rat in black. This vehicle should be all over green according to the instructions. In Osprey's New Vanguard #30 on Amtracs there is a colour illustration showing a MERDC scheme going with exactly the same markings. What's so special with the markings are the cartoon on the side, "Rat Pack", a rather unusual treat for a machine not of WW2 or Vietnam vintage.

For a more technical review of this model, please check out this one.

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