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What's in the box? HMS Fearless, Airfix, 1/600 (edited)

Keeping with the Falkland theme I'd like to present the Airfix HMS Fearless (L10) to you. It is not the grandest kit in any way but it's a classic. MT Miniatures and L'Arsenal also have HMS Fearless in their respective range but they are in 1/700 scale and I have no idea how they are as model kits.

Ed. Found a review each of L'Arsenal's as well as MT Miniatures' HMS Fearless at Model Warships. They look nice!

Launched in 1963, commissioned in 1965 and in active duty till 2002 she and her sister ship, HMS Intrepid (L11), are now broken up for scrap. The Fearless class is now superseded by the Albion class LPDs, HMS Abion (L14) and HMS Bulwark (L15).

The kit is molded in light grey polystyrene and made up of 119 parts. The kit is definitively showing its age by its simple construction and chunky details. But do not fear, a bit of TLC and if you are willing to fold a bit of photo eched parts (this and that) you may end up having a great little ship. It is not a very large model, only 26,5 cm long, but it certainly has a great place in any model fleet.

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